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Hohass Runt Ekwesh, Wraith Squadron by Stagsleap
Hohass Runt Ekwesh, Wraith Squadron
Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Tumblr |

Horse-headed X-wing pilot? Hell yeah! 

I've never actually read the X-Wing books with Runt, but I couldn't resist drawing him. His head is based off that of an Akhal-Teke, a breed of horse with unusual hooded eyes. 

Copic markers on Borden & Riley paper. 
Captain Tarkin - The Clone Wars by Stagsleap
Captain Tarkin - The Clone Wars
Copic markers on Bee Paper. 

Captain Tarkin in Star Wars The Clone Wars is easily the best part of the series. I thought he was superbly animated - every pout, sneer, and diva eye-roll was perfect. I think his model was especially well designed and rather, ahem, pleasant to look at. I thought the lighting schemes in The Citadel story arc were rather dramatic and pretty, so I did this study in Copics over a few nights. 
Ahsoka Tano by Stagsleap
Ahsoka Tano
Yes, I am alive! 
I have been drawing and sketching aplenty (check out my Instagram for pictures of my latest sketches and WIPs), and I even went to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April!

Ahsoka has returned! Her skin tone is so wonderful to color, and I had a lot of fun doing this piece, even if I couldn't figure out a background.  This particular outfit is from season four of "The Clone Wars", where Ahsoka goes undercover as a slave. I really didn't like Ahsoka in the movie or the early seasons, but I've since warmed up to her.

Colored with Copic markers on Sakura Bee paper. 

My deviantART Story (with lots of pictures!)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 10:20 PM

As DA celebrates its 14th birthday, I'm taking a look back at my art since I first joined back in 2003 (the 28th will mark my own DA anniversary). 

All Knowing Stillness by Stagsleap   ShadowFax by Stagsleap

2004, 2005
I wish I had pursued art in high school, but I found that I wasn't really learning anything. The teacher let the kids play rap music, she kept telling me to "draw bigger" but never told me why or how, and I learned nothing of art theory. I was just producing crap, so I stopped taking classes. I had a talent for drawing animals, but without much guidance. 

Antique Andalusian by Stagsleap

2006 - First year of college. First year starting ballet.
In community/junior college, I started blossoming into who I would become as a young adult. I did this piece in the library during my second month in college. With nearly no friends at this point, I turned to studies. While it had its lows, it was wonderful to excel without distracting and be alone with one's thoughts. 

I Belong in the Forest by Stagsleap

Steampunkd Gaia Avvie by Stagsleap

Thanks GaiaOnline, for continuing to be a source of inspiration and online shenanigans. 

Valiant Knight by Stagsleap   Miss Etherington on Settee by Stagsleap

2007, 2008
With a little extra spending money at my disposal, my arsenal of markers begins to grow. Despite a few art classes in college (including a fantastic life drawing course), my figures and faces are still basic. 

Elevation Envy by Stagsleap

Infatuated with anime, I rarely dabbled in realism (people), despite showing some potential with it. 

Mounted Knight by Stagsleap

Horses - goooood. People - baaaad.

Young Arthur Hellsing by Stagsleap

That Butler So Elegant by Stagsleap

Metropolitan Duke by Stagsleap

Princess Tutu : A p a r t by Stagsleap

Dance of the Sugarplum by Stagsleap
My preference for realistic bodies with stylized faces becomes even stronger in my last year of junior college before heading off to university. The pairing of two styles is awkward. I pride myself on my dedication to experimentation with digital backgrounds. If only I kept it up!

Petite Plie Lolita by Stagsleap     The Evening Visitor by Stagsleap     Baroque Beauty by Stagsleap D a r k  S w a n by Stagsleap
This year has much of the same, with some small gains in anatomy and color. 

Shaak Ti by Stagsleap     Arabian Oryx in Copics by Stagsleap

L E A P by Stagsleap
I did not draw much this year, but the intensity that I put towards my studies begins to reflect itself in my art. Anime begins a slow exit as I delight in art technique, theories, and history. 

Luke Skywalker by Stagsleap
September 2012
This day in the library marks an important moment for me. While I would continue to produce anime-duds, I had thrown myself into seriously working towards better art. 

Nirauan Chiss Scout - Star Wars EU by Stagsleap   Colress by Stagsleap    Retro Shoujo Delight by Stagsleap
2012, 2012, 2013

Victory-Class Snob by Stagsleap
I still can't give up anime, but I'm working towards a more balanced style. I also start working on small cards of paper. 

Love Swept by Stagsleap  Greater Kudu by Stagsleap  Thrawn Portrait by Stagsleap
I start drawing animals again and much more realistic people. I discover toned paper. I also start drawing more often in museums and other public places. 

Wilhuff Tarkin by Stagsleap
The elegance that is Peter Cushing further pushes me to get better at drawing real people. 

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots [with coloring video] by StagsleapPeter Cushing by StagsleapBalanchine's Stars and Stripes by Stagsleap Satine, The Duchess of Mandalore by Stagsleap
Aaand, here we are. 11 years later. I admit, I have not progressed very far, but then again, I actually draw very rarely. I have trouble keeping an informal sketchbook and "doodling" like other successful artists, but my desire to improve is helping me break that bad habit. I am happy with my progress, and I hope my watchers will also enjoy the adventure. 

Sebastian Portrait by Stagsleap                             Pretty Rococo Courtier by Stagsleap

        2009                                                     2014

Sargent Study - Mrs. Richard Sears 1916 by Stagsleap
July 2014 - Study of a John Singer Sargent sketch

Tarkin is getting his own novel! (Star Wars)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2014, 11:03 PM
Tarkin and Cushing fans rejoice, Wilhuff is the subject of a new EU novel coming in November!

More details at my blog!

To celebrate, here are some Tarkin features. Let's hope more are on the way!

Governor Tarkin by stratosmaccaCushing vs. Tarkin by stratosmacca
Grand MOF Tarkin by Edrice Diary of Grand Moff Tarkin by ViaruTarkin
SW - Count Dooku and Admiral Tarkin by Shaiger
Grand Moff Tarkin by BLACKPLAGUE1348
Wilhuff Tarkin by Stagsleap
Luke -kun... ver.2 by Raiden-chino

Instagram - Ballet, Art, and more...(and a video!)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 9:07 PM

Hello my fabulous foppish fuzz fickles,

My lover ended up getting a smartphone upgrade through his family's plan, so I pestered him for his old phone. I still have a very basic flip phone, but now I use his old iPhone for instagram and other time-vampires.

Check out my Instagram! I post a lot of art WIPs and pictures from my adventures. I'm currently posting a bunch of fun ballet pictures I took after practice last week.

And in case you haven't seen it, here's my latest Copic marker speedpaint video with a little narration. :)


Miss Etherington
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is ballet, then you are a ballerina....

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